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In many cases what our client needs may not exist in any suitable form, so we build a complete, custom solution.

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◼︎ Chassis Power Control
◼︎ Data Logging
◼︎ Engine ECU Integration
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◼︎ CAN Data Streams
◼︎ Sensors and Actuators
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◼︎ Embedded CAN Devices
◼︎ Telemetry
◼︎ Embedded Product Development

Custom BuildsController Area Networks (CAN)Data Telemetry

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Small or large, get in touch to discuss your requirements. You may already have the project underway and only need additional systems or device integration. Alternatively we can provide a complete service, taking a project from conception to roll out and event support.

System Specification
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Support at Events and Tests

Whatever you have in mind, get in touch. We offer a professional service based on many years experience in the industry and we have a passion for electronics.

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We look forward to being part of your motorsport project.

Controller Area Networks (CAN)

◼︎ Diagnostics
◼︎ Devices
◼︎ Gateways

Much like Ethernet is used by a PC, a vehicles electronics control units communicate between each other using various datastreams. The most prolific of these is CAN (Controller Area Network), it is an excellent data stream with very good noise immunity and reliable operation.

CAN is very popular in motorsport applications where devices from different suppliers required to talk to each other over a common communication link. Devices can also added to the network, often with only minimal configuration changes to other devices in the system. 

CAN Problems

Despite the robustness of CAN based systems, new projects often suffer with CAN related problems due to the wiring harness. The rules for designing the interconnecting wiring are simple but if they are not followed you will get problems. This cannot be overly stressed.
One of the issues with CAN controllers is that they are so good at handling errors it will often make even a badly designed CAN system work to some degree. Many a wiring harness has been installed, checked and passed..... until more data comes on the system and the system can no longer cope and shuts down. This almost always seems to happen on race week! Get it designed correctly at the start and built by a reputable wiring company... it will save you a lot of wasted track time.

CAN Diagnostics

How do you check your CAN system? CAN analysis tool are becoming cheaper all of the time but its knowing how to use these tools and more importantly how to solve your CAN problems. Tech engineering can advise you on this topic or travel to your workshop and use our CAN analysis tools to check and diagnose CAN issues

CAN Wiring

We have designed many vehicles wiring systems and almost all of them have CAN heavily integrated into the design. We are aware of the life cycle of projects and when we design a system we always try to allow for expansion, diagnostics and on-event serviceability.

CAN Gateways and Routers

These devices can be placed between two CAN networks, used to split one network into two or specifically manipulate the messages from a single device. For specific projects we have created dedicated CAN solutions, from linking CAN buses running at different Baud rates to interrupting a specific message, rescaling the data, applying conditional manipulations and then re transmitting the message


Switch panels, remote I/O boxes, steering wheel controllers, lighting controller.. We can develop a solution using existing 'building blocks' to keep both timescale and cost to a minimum. 

From complete system design to fault finding and event support, we offer real world practical solutions.

Data Telemetry

Mount the Transmitter and Reciever, then power it up. Could it just be that simple?

Telemetry losses
Most people can get a telemetry system to work at a basic level but when you get to the track will your system receive the signal when the car is half way down the back straight?

Turning up the transmitter power and there may be a little gain but the transmitter will be getting hotter and hotter.

We can help you to get the best performance from your telemetry system.

From experience we have found that many antennae (Telemetry and Radio) and the associated RF cabling is often incorrectly 'tuned' and can contribute significantly to poor results. We can provide RF cable tuning and antenna set up, thus minimising loss and maximising performance.

For an RF transmitter, if the antenna and feeder (cable) assembly are not correctly tuned then instead of the power being radiated out it will be reflected back into the system and simply generate heat.

Using test equipment we measure the performance of the assembly and then make adjustments; The result is a well matched system which ensures that as much radio energy as possible is radiated out from the car.

Ground planes are another area that often trouble Carbon LeMans cars but with a little preparation this can also be minimised.

We make custom builds. We test. We support. If it exists in the sphere of automotive electronics, we know about it. We breathe automotive.

Custom Builds

We make a lot of custom builds for our clients. It’s rare to find an off-the-shelf solution that just works when motorsport demands the very best performance from the onboard and off-board electronics.

Our custom builds bridge that gap where off-the-shelf solutions either aren’t available, or aren’t suitable, or need customising to fit a client's needs.

In many cases what our client needs may not exist in any suitable form, so we build a complete, custom solution.

Some of our custom builds

◼︎ CAN Switch Panels
◼︎ Steering Wheel Controller
◼︎ Mechanics Interface
◼︎ OBD Shift Light
◼︎ Generic I/O Units
◼︎ Show Car Actuator Controller
◼︎ Remote Trigger Systems
◼︎ DMX Lighting System
◼︎ Test Rig Controllers

About Us

Tech Engineering Systems have worked exclusively for a number of high profile teams in the past, we now offer our skills and expertise to the wider market place.

If your project requires electronics solutions, we can provide support all the way.  From complete system design to fault finding and event support, we offer real world practical solutions.

We pride ourselves on our ability to tackle new and diverse projects but we still appreciate the constraints of both budget and time and will endeavour to tailor the end result to your needs.

If you wish to discuss a project please send us an email outlining your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We take project success seriously, if we do not feel we can provide the products or services that you require we can draw upon our extended family of industry contacts to find someone who can help.

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